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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Big Bite

What a creative week we have had in room 23. Ms. Liz came and helped us write some very beautiful poetry. We can't wait until she returns in June for our Coffeehouse! Math MCAS practice has continued and we have one more week to get ready. We have begun our travels in the American Southwest, and we are learning about electricity and magnetism in Science. The tile project is on Monday and Mrs. Hess helped the students prepare for this project by painting in Art class on Thursday. Charlotte's Web continues to be enjoyed by everyone, we just can't get over how "gullible" Wilbur seems to be. He has just learned that Mr. Zuckerman is fattening him up so that he can turn him into crispy bacon at Christmas time. What will Charlotte do? How will she be able to save him? One thing is for certain, we all agreed that one quality of a true friend is that they stick up for us and don't let other people say mean things about us, or to us. Great job everyone!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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