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Friday, May 31, 2019

A Big Bite

We had a great time tie dying shirts this week.  Thanks to Mr. Towers, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Burch for helping out.  The shirts look amazing.  Students will need to wear their shirts this Thursday for Sports Day and Friday for the Coffeehouse.

We are making good progress on the line design project and have completed more experiments on light in science.  We are preparing for the Coffeehouse by writing and reciting poems.  On Thursday, we finished Charlotte's Web.  The year end journal entries, reflecting on the reading workshop experience, have been thoughtful and specific.  Well done!  The last journal entry is due this Friday and is about summer reading goals.
Speaking of summer reading, Mrs. Merten and I will be hosting a virtual book club for the students entering 5th grade, through Google Hangouts.  We will be reading the book, Endling, The Last, by Katherine Applegate.  More information will be forthcoming.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

Friday, May 24, 2019

A Big Bite

So much Science these last two weeks!  We have been learning about energy and sound through inquiry based experiments and engineering projects.  Great job everyone!  In math we have been creating parabloic line designs and preparing for Tie Dye Tuesday.  We will be dying our shirts Kelly green.

 Some students had the opportunity to meet Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan and many other books.  It was an exciting experience and we even got a group photo with her!  We are almost done reading Charlotte's Web and the students are enjoying this interactive read aloud.  Ask your child about, "Reader's Theater."  The poetry Coffeehouse is in two weeks and we are working with poetry bands to be ready for the big day.  Parents and guardians are invited to read or recite a poem at the coffeehouse.  It can be a poem you love that is written by someone else, or it can be an original piece written by you.  It can be in any language and you can even sing if you like!  No pressure.😃

Teachers having fun!

 To wrap up our travels to the Southwest region, students are working in expert groups to research specific topics and then present those topics to their peers in a Google presentation!  Well done!

The end of the year is quickly upon us.  We are wrapping up all of our units, enjoying  our last few days together, and preparing for fifth grade.  We are working hard to "fill a bucket, either someone else's bucket, or our own, as a way to solidify our class community.  Ask your child about how they have filled someone's bucket.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Big Bite

What a week!  On Monday, we participated in the last session of the Haffenreffer Museum as we learned about the Hopi of the southwest.  It was a great way to start last leg of our journey around the USA. Thanks to the PCC for funding this enrichment program. 😊  Ivan day was a huge success; there were art activities, engineering tasks, reading and vocabulary tasks and a bar graph of our snacks as a math learning activity.  Charlotte's Web is our new interactive read aloud and we identified the elements of friendship as it is the theme of the book.  We are continuing to write poems, and are working on concepts of energy in science.
Only 25days to go and there is still SO MUCH more to go.  As Mrs. Merten says, "We are always learning until the last minute!"

Week two of knitting club!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, gifts and notes. I am very appreciative of your kindness.  

Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Big Bite

We have had a great week!  On Monday, the recess knitting club met for the first time.  Miss Jan and Miss Mim, from the Franklin Senior's Center, came to lead the group.  Thanks to Mrs. Greene for helping us out.  Big shoutout to the PCC for providing the needles for the group.  

 Ms. Liz, JFK Poet in Residence, worked with all of the fourth graders to create poems about the earth.  We learned the poetry chant, participated in a poetry band and poetry reading.  Ms. Liz will be back for the Poetry Coffeehouse in June.

 We finished reading The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate this week and are working on identifying themes in the story with supporting evidence.  Join Mrs. Merten and I on Wednesday, May 15th at An Unlikely Story to meet Katherine Applegate.  The event is free!  See an earlier post for more information. Most students rated this book a 10!

 A round of Kahoot was a fun way to wrap up our unit on the west.  We will be heading to the Southwest this week.
 Our geometry unit is finished and we are reviewing all of our math skills from the year in preparation for the MCAS.  Students will be "guest teachers," to explain different concepts.
 JFK Ladybugs work together as a team to build community, learn and grow.  Friday was a great day!