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Friday, February 15, 2019

A Big Bite

This week flew by!  We have worked on fractions and learned about decimals in math workshop.  We even made a 3-D fraction math activity, check it out in the pictures below.  We spent time in the science lab observing adaptations of plants and participating in a few experiments.  We also learned about adaptations animals and insects have to protect them in their environment.  We are starting to work on prefixes in word study and completed another word sort.  Our dog essays are almost complete and we are nearing the end of Snow Treasure in reader's workshop.  Party in a Bag on Valentine's Day was a huge success.  Students created handmade gifts and cards for each other and were very thoughtful about the notes that they sent to each other.  This class has a strong bond and often functions like a family, I LOVE IT!  
Have a great vacation everyone!  Keep up with me next week on Twitter (Twitter roll on the side of the blog) with another round of, #WheresWilliams!

You're It

#GoodForYou  #KeepItUp

Thursday, February 14, 2019

T-shirt of the Day

I totally agree!   #goodthinking #yum

Juicy Nibble

Friends got to meet Raina Telgemeier and Vera Brosgol at Unlikely Story this week!  It is so much fun to meet your favorite authors and get a book signed!  #goodtimes #forevermemory

Friday, February 8, 2019

You're It

Here is this week's You're It!

A Big Bite

The first week of February is in the books and still no snow!  In fact, we have had some pretty warm days here at JFK.  Everyone is working hard and putting forth great effort!  We celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday and one student shared, "Red Envelopes," with everyone.  Thank you!  We have continued to read Snow Treasure in reader's workshop and two book clubs have wrapped up!  We are making great progress on our drafts about the best dog for our families and should finish next week!  In math, we are learning how to multiply fractions which is a bit challenging, but worth the productive struggle.  The math test was a success as was the test on the Northeast.  In science, we have learned about insects and how their mouths are adapted to fit the environment in which they live.  Next week is the week before vacation and we will be celebrating Valentine's Day with, "Party in a Bag."  Students are permitted to distribute Valentine cards/notes to each other, just make sure that there is a note for everyone in order to avoid hurt feelings.  Also, please do not attach any food items to the notes/cards per Dr. Ashley's request.
Ask your children about the photos below. :) 
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Williams

Working on weather poems!

Word problem gallery walk

Happy New Year!

Science Lab!!

Students displayed their parents' ages as fractions, or at least what they THINK their ages are.  
 Don't worry everyone, I've got you all beat! 😉

Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Big Bite

The lack of snow over the past two weeks have enabled us to get a great deal accomplished in Room 23!  We have continued working on fractions in math and are adding and subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping; exciting!  Dog day was a huge success in reader's workshop.  We started the morning by dancing to, "Who let the dogs out," and followed that with dog origami.  The snacks were very creative; well done everyone!  Ask your child for all of the details.  We have been making good progress in Snow Treasure, our latest interactive read aloud and many students have been participating in small book clubs.  Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in at least one book club this year if they have not already done so.  In writer's workshop, students are continuing to develop persuasive essays on the best dog for their family.  We have finished our travels around the northeast and will be taking a quick quiz on these concepts next week.  Make sure you are practicing your states and capitals!  Our life science unit is all about animal and plant adaptations and students have been working hard on learning these new skills.  We have completed several investigations and are learning how to write like scientists.
Cold weather means indoor recess and many students have been learning how to finger crochet!  They are teaching each other and are creating some very interesting crochet chains.  I love how creative this class is and how much they care about each other!